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XIAO Xing, Sea Floor
Se tenir au centre du plateau continental

TREE ART GALLERY, PARIS XIAO Xing & HU Xiyue STANDING IN THE CENTER OF THE CONTINENTAL SHELF 16 December 2022 – 2 February 2023 TREE ART GALLERY’s first exhibition 「Standing at the Center of the Continental Shelf」was opened on the evening of December 16th, 2022. The exhibition invited Chinese artists in France, XIAO Xing and Hu Xiyue, who brought more than ten paintings and a virtual reality video work. As a new generation of Chinese artists in France, XIAO Xing and HU Xiyue stand out from the crowd of Chinese artists with their unique perspectives and interests. Their study experience

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Open game

TREE ART GALLERY MAO YUQIU OPEN GAME 3 March 2023 – 8 April 2023 Contemporary emerging artist Mao Yuqiu and curator Peri Xiao have collaborated with TREE ART GALLERY to open the first exhibition of artist in Paris, 「OPEN GAME」, on the evening of March 3, 2023. The exhibition features paintings and installations by the artist. Mao Yuqiu, an emerging contemporary artist, is constantly exploring the art of mutual exertion of forces in human relationships. Through installation artworks that utilize space, presence, perception, and experience, she expresses the violence generated by mutual exchange of games in interpersonal interactions. Her works are filled

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Artist Interview|Mao Yuqiu (Part 1)

  Mao Yuqiu is an observer and recorder of life, designing and reinventing childhood toys for adults, attempting to turn all that is subjective into objective. The core of her work is full of detachment, yet there is neither a label nor a barrier at the exhibition site, and the audience is invited to become part of this chess game, where the boundaries between the work and the audience gradually become blurred and then mingle. The exhibition starts with an exploration of the “covert violence” hidden in modern society, reinterpreting the relationship and distance between “groups” and “individuals” in social

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